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The Colorado Mounted Rangers is a statutorily authorized, unpaid auxiliary unit providing assistance to law enforcement agencies, emergency management, fire-fighting, emergency medical service, and search-and-rescue agencies statewide.

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Modern Rangers

Today, the Colorado Mounted Rangers is a Statutorily Authorized Law Enforcement Auxiliary that assists any Local, State, or Federal Law Enforcement Agency needing assistance.  Rangers train to the Colorado P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) Board Standards and serve as Peace Officers when activated by the requesting government agency.


CMR Rangers on duty in Milliken at the Great Flood of 2013
Rangers had over 1500 duty hours in the towns of Milliken and Evans alone during the Great Flood of 2013.


Ranger on duty at the Lime Gulch Fire in 2013
Ranger on perimeter duty at the Lime Gulch Fire in 2013.



Ranger on fire watch duty at the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012
Fire watch duty at the Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012.


Ranger running a roadblock at the 2013 flood in Milliken
Running a roadblock in Milliken during the Great Flood of 2013.


In 1999, Ranger Edward P. Bell was included in the Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial. He is the only Colorado Ranger to have been killed in the line of duty.


Ranger Honor Guard - Colorado LE Memorial at CSP Academy
Ranger Honor Guard - Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial at the Colorado State Patrol Academy


CMR 2011 Honor Guard Colorado LE Memorial Photo 01 on 29-May-2011 reduced size


In 2001, The Colorado House of Representatives of the Sixty-third General Assembly, passed HOUSE RESOLUTION 01-1009 to recognize and honor the Colorado Mounted Rangers / Colorado Rangers' years of service in the state of Colorado.

In 2002, The Colorado State Senate of the Sixty-third General Assembly, passed RESOLUTION 02-008 to recognize and honor the countless hours of service the Colorado Mounted Rangers / Colorado Rangers have served the state of Colorado since 1861.

In 2004, Governor Bill Owens declared Feb. 21, 2004, "Colorado Mounted Ranger Day" honoring the long tradition of service to the State of Colorado.

In 2011, fallen Ranger Edward P. Bell's name was enshrined at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C. thanks to the efforts of Rangers of Troop I (Colorado Springs).

NLEOM Honor Guard resized
Rangers from Troop K (South Metro Denver) served on the Honor Guard during Police Week at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in our Nation's Capitol.

honor guard pin resized


In 2011, Senator Michael Bennett recognized the Rangers 150 years of service to the people of Colorado.

Sen.Bennet Ltr 13Dec11


Statute Provides New Authorities and New Access for Agencies

In 2008, Rangers worked with several members of the State House and Senate to draft a non-partisan House Bill 1097-08.  The bill created C.R.S. 24-32-2222, "County Sheriff - Local Government - Local Emergency Planning Committee - Memorandum of Understanding with Volunteer Organizations."

This statute provides for voluteer organizations, like the Rangers, to jointly enter into Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with city, county, and state agencies for support services.  These MOU's are used as the defining documents to codify and formalize the relationshp between the Rangers and the agencies they support.

The statute also provides protections for the volunteer Rangers supporting an agency from loosing their jobs due to their response to an emergency event or disaster.  Additionally, the statute also provides state workman's compensation insurance protection for the Rangers during the specific support period as well as extending governmental immunity to the Rangers while performing lawful duties under the MOU.

The Rangers have agreements with over 50 governmental agencies across the state and effectively serve as Reserves for those agencies.


Statutorily Authorized Law Enforcement Auxiliary

In March of 2012, Governor John Hickenlooper signed Senate Bill 12-072, the culmination of a non-partisan effort by Rangers and members of both the Colorado Senate and the Colorado House of Representatives, to formally return the Rangers to the Colorado Statutes.

"Therefore, the general assembly declares that the Colorado Mounted Rangers should be established as an all-volunteer, unpaid auxiliary unit for the purpose of lending assistance to emergency management, fire-fighting, emergency medical service, search-and-rescue agencies, and law enforcement agencies in the state."  Read the Full Act

In addition to returning the Rangers to state statutes, SB12-072 also greatly strengthened the relationship between the Colorado Mounted Rangers and their served agencies under their MOU agreements.  This provides agencies with greater access to the talented men and women of today's Rangers.

Section 24-32-2222 in Senate Bill 12-072 was then harmonized with House Bill 12-1283 and the Rangers were relocated to section 24-33.5-822 (Public Safety) in the Colorado Revised Statutes.

Bike Patrol resized

The Rangers are a Statutorily Authorized Law Enforcement Auxiliary which stands ready to support any agency in Colorado that requests assistance.

Ranger Edward Bell

End of Watch 16 Oct 1922

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